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Is HyperIntelligence the Future of Data Analytics ?

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Analysts can use an attribute from their data to use it as a keyword attribute. That attribute identifies the elements that will trigger a card to appear.

After creating cards in the workstation, analysts can deploy their cards to the user’s web browser, mobile device, and Microsoft Outlook. With that, users can get real-time answers by hovering on the keywords, scanning the barcode on a mobile device, or by clicking on an email to see relevant cards.

What Are HyperIntelligence Cards?

HyperIntelligence aims to deliver Zero-Click Intelligence. In simple words, it aims to provide key data insights for specific keywords on all web applications. This is facilitated by HyperIntelligence cards.

HyperIntelligence cards are objects that host data and display predefined KPIs that are linked with keywords sourced from datasets from the MicroStrategy platform. These cards also seamlessly combine information from multiple business assets and applications.

How Does It Work?

This is the future of data analytics. With HyperIntelligence, companies can add Zero-Click Intelligence about customers, products, people into websites or web applications. Created by MicroStrategy, a worldwide leader in business analytics and mobility, this comes in the form of a Chrome extension that can show information from 200+ enterprise data sources and puts real-time, contextual insights directly into a browser-based workflow.

Once the extension is downloaded, HyperIntelligence scans the web pages, emails, and web applications for important keywords.

How To Use The Chrome Extension

It’s quite simple. The extension is available in the Chrome Webstore. All you have to do is open the webstore, select the Add Extension option, and install it. Once that is done, you will have to connect it to a MicroStrategy environment.

To connect to an environment through the extension:

  • Open the HyperIntelligence extension in the toolbar
  • Enter the URL of the environment
  • Click continue
  • And you are logged in to the environment.

Once you have logged in, the color of the logo will turn from grey to red. After that, you can start creating cards.

How To Create Cards?

MicroStrategy Workstation is an apt place for creating HyperIntelligence cards. Here’s how:

  • Open the Workstation window
  • Select Environments and then add new environment connection
  • Log in to the environment with your username and password
  • Locate the Navigation pane and click on Create New Card
  • Choose a dataset and the card editor will appear
  • Drag an attribute to make it the keyword attribute for the header of the card template
  • Continue to drag the attributes from the datasets to the card template.

HyperIntelligence is greatly useful for people who are constantly traveling and have emails flooding in their inboxes. At such times, rather than searching for comprehensive dashboards to find information, HyperIntelligence brings the data that is needed to drive key business decisions in just zero clicks.

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